Playing Mobile Casino Games for Real Money

With there being such a large number of different mobile phone types available, the casino software companies and game designers really have had their work cut out over the last few years. As each model, type and make of mobile device comes with its own operating system it is paramount that anyone wishing to play casino games on such a device picks a mobile casino which utilizes a gaming platform fully compatible with their device.

Fortunately the vast majority of mobile devices now come with their own web browsers, and using that browser to access a mobile casinos suite of games is the easiest way to play any game which has caught your attention.

Below you will find a full range of different mobile casino games, all of which you can play for real money and each game listed can be accessed via a mobile phones web browser. For reference these types of games are known as the HTML5 Protocol compatible games and all of the major casino game designers have a platform available on which you are going to be able to play many of their most popular games quickly and more importantly instantly.

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What Progressive Mobile Games Can I Play?

There are a large number of progressive games on offer to mobile phone and mobile device users. When you play at casinos powered by Microgaming or Playtech, who are two of the largest and most established gaming platform and casino game designers, you will find all of their mobile progressive games are networked into their online gaming platforms.


The Major Millions slot game for example is a three reel progressive slot, and the way to play it to have a chance of winning a huge jackpot is to activate all three of its pay lines. This slot if fully compatible with all mobile devices and as the coin values are fixed at 1.00. A maximum three line spin will cost players a total of 3.00 per spin.

Mobile casino game players often ask have they got just as much chance of winning a progressive jackpot when playing a mobile progressive game as someone who accesses those games on the online gaming platforms.

The answer to this is yes! As the games are networked then as long as you play the game with the jackpot element of the game activated and in play, as in our example that is by playing 3 lines per spin, then you have exactly the same chance of winning the progressive as an online casino game player has.

Are New Mobile Slot Games Launched Regularly?

One aspect of playing at a mobile casino site that many players soon notice is that it is usually only the back catalogue of online casino games that are loaded and installed onto many casino mobile gaming platforms.

However, by choosing a mobile casino utilizing one of the larger and better known software companies you will find that when they launch a brand new online slot game they also launch it directly onto their mobile gaming network. One recently launched new online and mobile slot game is Microgaming’s Football Star slot previewed below.

How generous are Mobile Casino Comps and Promotions?

As a player at a land based casino or when playing at an online casino, you will have become accustomed to being awarded with Casino Comps. You may be wondering just how generous those found at a mobile casino site are.

To be perfectly honest you are never go to have to make any type of compromises in regards to the amount of comps you will accumulate or the number of ongoing and new player bonuses that you can avail yourself of when playing at a mobile casino site.

In fact as there are now so many mobile casinos being launched, as a player who is prepared to make a deposit and play a range of different casino games for real money, you are going to find an amazing array of bonuses and comps being offer to you.

You will be able to claim no deposit bonuses, match bonuses and reload bonuses, and all of your real money gaming action at most mobile casinos is going to see you picking up and earning lots of loyalty and comp points which you will be able to exchange for playing credits.

What are the Most Played Real Money Mobile Casino Games?

Finally let us now take a look at which are the most played mobile casino games. Whilst every player will of course have their own preferences in regards to the games they tend to play regularly, each game will fall into one category of game.

Below you will find, listed in order, the most played mobile casino games which are played every minute of the day for real money at all mobile casino sites.

  • Video Slot Games
  • Roulette Games
  • Video Poker Games
  • Blackjack Games
  • Progressive Slots
  • Classic Slots

As you can see from the above list it is the range of Video Slot games that gets the most attention from mobile casino players, and the reason for players flocking to play those types of games is that they all offer their own themes, playing structures, payouts and bonus feature games and bonus rounds.

As most mobile phones and mobile devices boast a touch screen facility this does make playing slot games in particular very easy to do. For all that a player has to do once he or she has chosen a stake options is to tap on the Spin button and the slots reels will then start to spin.

In fact all mobile casino games can be controlled very easily on a mobile device, and with enhanced graphics attached to these games you will always be able to have an enjoyable time playing any mobile casino game without having to make major compromises in regards to the way the slots work, play and look.