Real Money Casino Games for Android Users

Many mobile phone and mobile device users will be attracted to the Android Operating System due to it having a very wide range of advanced features. With screen sizes varying on all Android mobile phones and tablet devices, this very powerful operating system ensures users get the best graphics and will be able to zoom in and out instantly when accessing Apps and websites with the device and never have to make do with poor quality graphics which are found many of the older mobile devices.

Over the years the number of gamblers who have started to use their Android devices as a way of accessing a range of mobile casino games has grown, and now these casino game players can access thousands of different games from many different companies.

Whilst playing a real money casino game when out and about may take a little getting used to for many players, thanks to there being a wide and very varied range of games on offer, players are able to get their Blackjack, Slot Game or any type of casino game playing fix no matter where they happen to be.

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Are there any Compromises when playing Android Casino Games?

When mobile gaming platforms first appeared it was true to say that players did have to make a lot of comprises in regards to the way they played casino games on some of the older models of phones.

This was due to those devices only having the capability of offering Java Based Games to the owners of those devices, and whereas today’s mobile games have enhanced graphics and can be played using touch screens, those older devices had very basic graphics and were controlled via the key pads attached to the phones.

android games

So do not be put off playing mobile games on your Android device for you will not only find a truly massive suite of different games on offer, they have been designed to work seamlessly on your device and will have easy to find and use game play control buttons and the graphics are spot on.

Are Real Money Casino Games Secure on Android Devices?

There have been many news stories recently that have brought Android Phone Security to the forefront of many peoples’ minds, and you may be wondering if, when playing real money casino games on an Android device, whether it will be a safe and secure environment.

The mobile casino operators and the companies whose software and gaming platforms power such sites have spared no expense to ensure that their mobile gaming platforms are as secure and their online gaming platforms, and as such you will have no worries in regards to playing any type of casino game for real money or utilizing the banking interfaces attached to such sites.

In addition to the very highest security protocols you will also find that every game will have been certified as being fair and random by a third party game testing company whenever you play at a mobile casino which is licensed by one of the many different licensing jurisdictions.

Are Android Casino Apps Easy to Download?

If you have never actually downloaded a Casino App or in fact any type of App onto your Android device, then you may be wondering just how easy it is to download and install such an App onto your device and where you download them from.

Take a look at the following video which is going to enlighten you on just how quick and simple this procedure is. You can have a Casino App downloaded and installed onto your device in less than 20 seconds and be playing your favourite games once you have registered a new account at the mobile casino you have chosen.

One handy tip if you are thinking of downloading a Casino App is to try and utilize a free Wi-Fi connection as by doing so you will not be using up a large amount of your data limit which your mobile network provider may allocate to you.

The average size of a Casino App can vary, so when choosing one to download onto your device always ensure you have enough spare space available on that device! It is usually just the outer shell of the casino that is downloaded, and then once you log into it you can then pick and choose which games you want to have access to and they will then download as you tap on them

What are the Minimum Stakes I can Play Android Casino Games for?

Be aware that it will be dependent on just which mobile casino sites you are playing at as to the minimum stakes permitted to be wagered on many different types of games. Below are the most commonly found minimum stake levels of several various different casino games, these games will offer a different set of payouts depending on the actual stakes you are playing them for.

  • Slot Games – Usually 0.01 per payline activated
  • Video Poker – Minimum coin values are mainly 0.50
  • Roulette Games – The most commonly found minimum stake is 0.10
  • Blackjack – You will find many Blackjack games have a minimum stake of 1.00.

It should be noted that if you intend to play progressive casino games on your Android device, then there may be a minimum stake requirement in place to activate the progressive jackpot. This information will be found on the games pay table or in the games help files.

Failure to stake progressive mobile games correctly may result in you never being able to win the progressive jackpot offered on that game. So do make a note and pay attention to the staking requirements attached to these types of games, or you may just miss out on that life changing jackpot win!

To view the pay tables on most Android compatible casino games you simply need to launch the game and either tap on the pay table button or swipe the screen.