Real Money Blackjack for Android Users

You will find quite a number of different Blackjack game variants are available to anyone owning an Android device. You can play these games via an App or by accessing the games on the mobile web browser that many of these devices have attached to them.

Many different casino card games can be played on an Android device, but Blackjack is a game that can be beaten, and this is what inspires players all over the world to play this game every day of the week.

In fact many people have become experts in playing Blackjack and in California they have the world famous Blackjack Hall of Fame which honours people who have made an outstanding contribution to the Blackjack playing environment whether writing about, playing or teaching players how to optimize the way they play.

Finding the best mobile casino for Android Blackjack is pretty simple. To us it is the SpinPalace Casino with their superior Microgaming software. They worked on their mobile games for years now and the casino is so large and reliable that you will get nothing but the best entertainment! Click here to take a look at our favourite casino!

How to Win Playing Blackjack

Playing Blackjack on an Android device is no different than when playing in any other gaming environment. The only way therefore that you should play Blackjack is by mastering the way the game plays and operates and then putting in play perfect playing strategy.

Frederick Smith the founder of FedEx once visited Las Vegas in his company’s early years in a desperate attempt to win enough money to enable his company to carry on trading as it was floundering whilst finding its feet. In fact Blackjack did save FedEx from going under and he managed to turn $5000 into $27,000, giving his company the funds needed ride out its formative months.

Like Smith, if you want to play perfect strategy when playing Blackjack on your Android device then below we have a strategy card for Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack game which will show you every move to make when face with any Dealers up card.

Can I Count Cards when Playing Android Blackjack Games?

android blackjack tableYou may have read stories about how some players have managed to win large amounts of cash on a regular basis when playing Blackjack by card counting. In fact some well known celebrities such as Ben Affleck can count cards, however this is one aspect of playing Blackjack on an Android device that you will not generally be able to do.

The reasons for this is that the entire deck of cyber playing cards and going to be shuffled by the random number generator before a new hand is dealt out, which sadly means there is no way what so ever you can count cards when using a software driven Android Blackjack game.

However, you can play a range of Live Blackjack games at many mobile casinos, and as those games use a real deck of cards which are dealt out by a real Dealer then counting card will be possible when using a gaming platform offering those types of games.

Are There any New Android Blackjack Games?

There are a number of software companies who have recently launched their own unique Android compatible Blackjack games, one of these is NetEnt. Their Touch range of games is stunning in its design and has what can best be described as a 3D look and feel about it.

Some companies who supply the Android games and mobile gaming platforms have recently launched a range of Multi Hand Blackjack games which play just as seamlessly as the Single Hand variants. So playing several hands at a time is simple, as long as you find a site offering those types of games that is.

What Stakes Can I Play Blackjack For?

It will all depend on which gaming platform you are playing on as to the actual spread of stake options you will be able to play real money Android Blackjack games for. You will find that some mobile casino sites will give you the option of playing for very low stakes, often of around the 0.10 to 25.00 range.

However, by searching around and locating the mobile casinos that utilize the software and gaming platforms from some of the many different online casino software and platform suppliers you will find you will be able to play a range of different Blackjack games with stakes staring at just 1.00 and rising up to high rolling levels of 500.00 and 1000.00 per hand.

What Mobile Gaming Platforms Offer Real Money Blackjack?

Below we have listed the names of several different companies all of whom offer at least one Android device compatible Blackjack game. You will find many mobile casino sites using the following gaming platforms, and as such locating a site at which to play Blackjack should not be too difficult an exercise.

  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Playtech
  • Probability

You will find several new mobile casino gaming platforms on offer, however do ensure that any mobile casino you come across names which companies gaming platform is powering their site and also double check to see which company has audited those games as being fair and random.

Can You Earn Casino Comps When Playing Android Blackjack Games?

You will be earning comps whenever you play real money Blackjack at an online casino or at a land based casino and as such may be wondering if you are going to benefit from casino comps when playing at an Android compatible mobile casino.

Well, we are happy to report you will find that you are always going to be earning real money comps when playing at a mobile casino site, but do always shop around when choosing a site at which to play at, for there are several different loyalty and comp clubs available.

Should you be a high rolling type of Blackjack player then look out for mobile casinos offering a multi tier type of comp club, for by playing at those sites your high stake Blackjack playing action is going to see you quickly rise through the different tiers of those comp clubs and that will ensure you get the maximum rewards based on your higher than average level of real money gaming action.