Play Real Money Android Slots

Anyone who has an Android Mobile Device and has an interest in playing slot games, fruit machines and progressive slot games for real money is going to find they have a truly enormous range of slots that they can play on those devices.

Thanks to quick to download Slot Apps you can have a large variety of different games quickly loaded onto your device and be playing them in seconds. However, there are also a range of Android compatible slot games which require no downloading, and these games use the HTML5 Web Browser Protocol as a way of allowing players to simply pick a game they wish to play and then have those games launched and loaded into their Android devices web browser.

Should you be interested in having some playing sessions on a range of Android slot games, then you will probably have a number of questions that you need to answers to, and with this in mind below we should be able to answer the most commonly asked questions, so keep on reading for there really is a brand new and exciting world of slot playing awaiting you once you start to use your Android mobile phone or table device as the was of accessing those slots!

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What Stakes Can I Play Real Money Android Slots For?

Obviously when you want to play any type of Android slot games for real money you will need to start Staking Slot Spins in relation to just how much you have available in your gambling budget. If you over stake each spin then you will find that your gambling budget will not last very long, and if you under stake you can often miss out on the larger winning payouts.

The actual stake levels on 95% of Android slot games are fully adjustable by players and you can often find you will be able to play slots for as little as 0.01 per spin or play them for hundreds of Pounds, Euros or Dollars per spin!

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The only slot games that do not let you adjust the coin values are slots known as Fixed Stake slots, and these are usually progressive slot games which require you to play them for just one stake amount and by doing so you will have the chance of winning a large jackpot win.

What 3 Reel Android Slot Pays Out the Most!

If you want to play the highest paying Android slot game that has been designed as a three reel classic slot then you need to play the Couch Potato slot, which is part of Microgaming’s suite of Android slot games.

This particular slot games comes with a payout percentage of a huge 97.43% and we have yet to find another Android compatible slot game that has a payout percentage anywhere as near to that high RTP.

Be aware though that this particular slot game is a high variance slot and when playing it you will often play lots of base game spins without any winning combinations being formed on its single payline.

However as this game comes with Wild Multiplier reel symbols that can and do boost winning payouts by x5 when one Wild symbols formed the winning combination by an even larger x25 when two Wild symbols spin in alongside any other reel symbol there chance to win some mega payouts is always a very real one!

Locating the Highest Paying Mobile Slot Games

If you are looking, as every slot player should be, for the slot games which come with the very highest payout percentages, then be aware that the Android slot games you will most commonly come across all started out as online slot games or even land based slot games and have been enhanced to make them work perfectly on any type of mobile device.

So it is going to be very easy for you to track down the Highest Paying Slot Games, as there are many websites online that have an informative listing of what the RTP’s are on all of the many thousands of slot games that can now be found at online and mobile casino sites.

The best rules of thumb for choosing a slot game to play on your Android for real money is to opt to play those that have payout percentages higher than 97%, the higher the payout percentage then the better gaming sessions you will have when you play those slot games more and more, avoid any slot game that has a payout percentage set lower that 96%, for you will find quit a number of very low paying mobile slots and those offer no playing value what so ever!

What Types of Android Slot Bonuses Can I Claim?

One final but very important aspect of starting to play real money slot games on your Android is that you are going to be offered a whole range of bonuses when you sign up to any mobile casino sites, and whilst many of these bonuses may offer poor value, there are some which really are going to enhance your slot playing sessions, and could instantly put you in profit!

The following list will give you an idea of just what types of bonuses are going to be make available to you, the actual value of the bonuses will vary from site to site, so when you are good and ready to make a deposit into a mobile casino site, make sure you always shop around for the bonuses offering you the best value.

  • No Deposit Slot Bonuses
  • Deposit Match Bonuses
  • Free Android Slot Game Spins
  • Cash Back Bonuses
  • Reload Deposit Match Bonuses

Always make sure that if you do intend taking a bonus and playing any slot games with that bonus you read though all terms and conditions associated with the bonus you are about to claim, this will save you breaking any rules regarding bonus play and will never see your winnings being voided!