New Real Money Android Video Poker Variants

The vast majority of Android devices are smart phones, however if you have any type of mobile device such as a Tablet device that uses the Android operating system and you have a passion for playing casino games such as video poker, then you will find those tablet devices offer just as many different game variants as you would have accessing a casino using a mobile phone as the way of connecting up to a mobile casino site.

The beauty of any device on which the Android Operating System is installed is that playing casino games such a video poker is an absolute breeze, for you are simply going to have to tap the screen to set the games into live play and will also be able to tap the cards you wish to hold as soon as the first initial five base hand cards have been dealt out to you.

In this guide to playing real money Android video poker games we are going to showcase to you some of the newest variants that have been made available to players, and each and every single game listed is available to play via either a Downloadable Casino App or you can simply choose to use the web browser on your mobile device to access the games individually if you do not wish to download them all onto your Android device.

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Level Up Video Poker Games

One online casino game supplier, a company called Microgaming, have recently launched a range of brand new online video poker games, and it is expected that they will shortly be launching these new games onto their mobile gaming platforms.

android video poker

These games are their Level Up Poker games, and what makes them unique in that when you play an initial hand if that hand wins then you move up a tier on which a multiplier value comes into play, and if you get three winning hands on the trot the fourth hand you will play will come with a large x8 multiplier attached to it!

How to Play Android Video Poker Perfectly

Be aware that there are many different types of Apps that you will be able to download and many of these Apps allow you to play all manner of different video poker games but as you are playing them they are going to give you playing hints and tips in regards to how to play those variants you have chosen to play optimally.

However, when you are using one of these video poker training and strategy type Apps you will have to spend literally hours learning how to play perfectly every single base game hand that has been dealt out to you, and there can be millions of hand combinations to learn!

But when you choose to play Android video poker at many mobile casino sites you will not need to know how to play each and every hand you have been dealt out optionally, as many sites have an Auto Hold options which players can turn on and activate.

When this Auto Hold option is on and in play then the software will hold the best cards for you automatically based on the initial five cards you have been dealt out, so instead of having to spend ages learning each hand and how to play those hands perfectly, just turn on the Auto Hold and you will never make any game playing mistakes or errors!

Should I Always Play Maximum Coins?

We are often asked by novice video poker players is there any real need for them to play the maximum number of coins per hand they play or it is ok to simply put into play a smaller number of coins per hand.

This is a good question, however when you choose to play video Poker games on any Android device or in fact anywhere, you need to take a look at the pay table attached to that game and see if there are any enhanced payouts attached to the pay table in regards to what you will receive as a winning payout when playing maximum coins.

It is usually the case that when you play five coins per hands on games such as Jacks or Better that the Royal Flush hand is massively increased in value, and as such in answer to the question should you always play maximum coins the answer is yes, or you run the very real risk of missing out on the best winning payout possible when the jackpot paying hand is finally dealt out to you!

What Different Android Video Poker Games can I Play?

If you do wish to start playing video poker games on an Android then to help you get a few ideas of just what types of variants you will come across we have listed the most popular games on offer at many mobile casino sites.

  • Tens or Better
  • Jacks or Better
  • Aces and Eights
  • Aces and Faces
  • AllĀ  American
  • Deuces and Joker

Remember that even though a video poker game may have exactly the same name at two different mobile casino sites that does not necessarily mean the payout percentages attached to those games are going to be the same, as it is not uncommon for such casino sites to have different pay tables attached to their video poker games.

So make sure and this is very important, that you analyse the pay tables attached to every single video poker game you are thinking of playing, and only play at those that offer the very highest payout percentages thanks to them having the highest valued pay tables attached to them, as that is the only way you will have a better chance of winning over the long term!

Also be aware that some multi hand video poker games can also be accessed and play on an Android device, and those games can let you play up to 100 hands per game!