Popular iPad Compatible Real Money Blackjack Games

You will be far better off purchasing an iPad if you are looking for a new way of connecting to the internet for whilst many people choose to buy a smart phone they often regret making that purchase as the screen size is nowhere as near as large as the Screen on an iPad and by using an iPad you will find they are just as good as a laptop or even a home computer as they are totally portable devices.

If you are a casino game player then an iPad really is going to revolutionise the way you play mobile games, for there has been a massive increase over recent years in regards to the number of gaming platforms and mobile casinos that are offering their vast array of casino games to iPad users. Below are some of the many advantages and benefits of becoming an iPad using, mobile casino player.

The advantage you have with your iPad is that a lot of casinos started to develop Apps for this device when it was introduced. A good example is the 888 Casino that is not only the largest online casino, but also invested a lot of time and money to optimize their offering for the iPad. Click here to sign up with the best iPad casino for Blackjack!

How Many Blackjack Games Can I play on an iPad?

When you play Blackjack Games at a Land Based Casino you will often find that whilst there may be a large number of tables open on the gaming floor there is only one variant of Blackjack on offer at each table, and as such you are forced to play those games without having the ability to pick a different variant that may come with a different house edge or a different array of betting options.

If you move your real money Blackjack gaming action over to a mobile casino site then depending on which site you choose to play at you will find a very large suite of Blackjack game variants on offer. With choice comes the ability to play the games offering the lowest house edges and the best player rules and payouts.

The best types of Blackjack games you should look out for at some mobile casino sites are those which have just one deck of cards in the shoe, Classic Blackjack games offered at Microgaming powered mobile casinos which et you play a single hand game are the lowest house edge games at those casino sites, and if you opt for a Playtech powered casino do checkout their Blackjack Switch game which also is another very low house edge game.

Learning to Master the Game of Blackjack

If you are a fan of playing Blackjack or enjoy gambling in general that you will probably be very interested in learning how some people have made great fortunes playing casino games optimally.

One of the best Blackjack teams ever put together what the MIT Blackjack team that have had books and films made about their exploits in land based casinos. Below is a video of one of the member of the MIT Blackjack team, and he explains the basics of card counting.


Card Counting at Mobile Casino Sites

You may not be aware but as the vast majority of mobile casino sites have Blackjack games that are powered by software and the outcomes being determined by random number generators then one unique aspect n regards to the way they operate does make card counting something you cannot do when playing these games on your iPad.

The deck or decks of cards in the cyber deck and not shuffled when the remaining cards in the deck have reached a certain number, instead they are fully shuffled via the random number generator before any new hand is dealt out, which obviously means when playing these types of games you will not be able to count cards!


However, having said that there are some mobile casinos that have now launched a range of Live Dealer Blackjack Games, and these games are played with real Dealers and a physical deck of cards which you view via a small video screen on your iPad, and as such if you can count cards then those mobile casino Blackjack games are the ones you need to track down and locate if you want to put your skill to good use!

Do I get Comps and Bonuses playing iPad Blackjack Games?

If you are prepared to play for real money when you are logged into a mobile casino site then you will find you are going to be offered a wide range of Casino Comps based on your level of real money gaming action.

The number of comp points that you will be awarded and the redemption rates for turning your accumulated comp points into cash is going to vary from casino to casino so be prepared to take a little time out comparing the finer details of any mobile casino comp club for there are some very generous clubs on offer as well as a fairly standard set of comp clubs which will award you with only the minimum number of comps and rewards.

Casino Bonuses are also readily available to both brand new first time depositing players at all mobile casino sites as well as there being a range of ongoing promotional offers which players who are regular players at some mobile casino sites will be able to claim.

Below we have put together a check list which you should use for comparing mobile casino bonuses and casino comp clubs, have a look through this list to enable you to spot a mobile casino site offering more generous bonuses and player rewards.

  • Low Play Through Bonus Requirements
  • Multi Level Comp and Loyalty Clubs
  • Casino VIP Hosts
  • No Maximum Cash Out Levels

If you do come across any mobile casino site that is giving away what appears to be a generous set of bonuses or have what appears to be an overly generous comp club, always read through the terms and bonus conditions and rules found attached to the comp clubs and bonuses.

When you do you will then be able to see if there are any player unfriendly terms or bonus player rules that may make playing at that particular mobile casino sites not as rewarding as playing at another one!