Most Played Real Money iPad Roulette Games

Thanks to its ease of use the Apple iPad has come a long way since it was first launched. In fact you are going to find many different models of iPad available, all of which boast a different range of features and with new models being launched regularly you are always advised to look out for the very latest model if you are looking to purchase such a device.

Mobile gaming is one of the most common uses for an iPad, and this is something that all online casino operators have noticed and as such you will now find that many such sites offer their new and existing players a mobile gaming platform on which they can play popular casino table games such as Roulette.

By far and away the most played iPad compatible Roulette game is the French Roulette variant. For when playing this game you will find one of two rules attached to the game which lowers the house edge down from the usual 2.70% found on other single zero variants to a much more player friendly 1.35%.

The advantage you have with your iPad is that a lot of casinos started to develop Apps for this device when it was introduced. A good example is the 888 Casino that is not only the largest online casino, but also invested a lot of time and money to optimize their offering for the iPad. Click here to sign up with the best iPad casino for Roulette!

What are the Best Roulette Playing Strategies

There are plenty of websites that are going to attempt to sell you some form of Roulette playing strategy or system. However, as Roulette is a completely random game any strategy you play does of course have to take into account the house edge of the game you are playing, your gambling budget and a whole host of other factors.


One system that is often touted online is the Martingale Roulette System which is in fact one of the most dangerous of all gambling systems, for you have to double your wager each time you have a placed a losing bet on one of the even money paying locations.

Playing and winning at Roulette is mainly down to luck and having a well thought out bankroll management system, and with that in mind never be tempted to purchase a Roulette playing system or strategy online, and no one is able to guarantee any player is going to win repeatedly using any such system.

Are Mobile Casino Sites Legal?

You will find that many gambling authorities and commissions such as the Nevada Gaming Control Board have now put in place a system to allow them to both issue remote gambling licenses and ensure that mobile casino sites are operating fairly and legally.

Licensing and regulating any land based gaming operation that offers mobile games such as iPad compatible Roulette games is now part of their day to day operation, and if you do intend to play this popular casino table game for real money then always ensure the site you are thinking of playing at has been granted a full remote gaming license.

Are There Compromises to be Made Playing Roulette on an iPad?

One part of playing Roulette on any type of mobile device, including on an iPad that you will not want to make any compromises on is in regards to the quality of the graphics. When playing any Roulette game you will want to be able to clearly see the ball in play at all times once it has been sent into motion.

This is why companies such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech have ensured their iPad compatible Roulette games come with enhanced graphics and thanks to the touch screen capabilities on iPads placing your wagers, changing the chip values and launching the ball and wheel into play requires just a tap on the screen.

What is the House Edge of iPad Roulette Game Variants?

To get the best winning opportunities when playing Roulette for real money on your iPad then you need to track down and only play those variants which due to their rules and winning payouts boast the lowest house edges, and below we have listed this information.

  • French Roulette – 1.35%
  • European Roulette – 2.70%
  • American Roulette – 5.26%
  • Mini Roulette – 7.69%

The French Roulette game comes with one of two rules depending on which variant you are playing which will lower the house edge down to 1.35%. The En Prison rule will lock all losing even money paying bets in place on the betting layout for the next spin of the wheel should a zero spin in.

The La Partage rule will see half of any losing even money paying bets being returned to players whenever a zero has been spun in, and this is how the house edge on this game is as low as it is.

Are iPad Roulette Games Certified as Fair?

Anyone who has never played Roulette games on an iPad may have doubts as to the fairness of the games on offer. For as it is software and a random number generator controlling the outcome of each spin of the wheel made, then this could mean the games are not completely fair.

You are best advised to concentrate your playing efforts at mobile casino sites that hold a full and valid remote gambling license. There are several licensing jurisdictions around the world and part of their licensing procedure for anyone applying for a mobile gaming license has to supply detailed and documented proof that their games are 100% fair and random and play and pay as they have been designed to do.

All of the major mobile gaming platform suppliers and game suppliers commission third party game analysts and auditing companies to check each game individually before launch and also on an ongoing basis, to ensure they games on offer are playing and paying as they have been designed to do and offer a completely random outcome.

You will always have access to your gaming logs upon request when playing at a fully licensed and regulated mobile casino site. So if you wish to view and self audit your own real money gaming sessions then simply request the gaming logs and they will be sent to you. Some mobile casinos will let you view your gaming logs once you log into your casino account, which saves you the need to request them being sent out to you.