Best Strategies for Playing Real Money iPad Video Poker

There are several different aspects of playing video poker that is going to ultimately determine whether you have an increased chance of winning when plying this popular casino card based game or whether you will have a much lower chance of ending any session in profit.

The first aspect of choosing any video poker game to play on your iPad will be to hunt around and find a mobile casino that offers you the biggest variety of different video poker games, for by having access to lots of different variant you can of course then, in your own good time, study the Video Poker Pay Tables that are attached to each variant.

By studying and taking note of the pay tables you can, if you are an experienced video poker player discovering what the long term expected pay out percentage of each game on offer boasts, and then by playing only those variants with the best payout you should instantly have a much better chance of winning than if you chose to play a variant offering a lower payout percentage.

Even if you are not an experienced video poker play you will usually find somewhere on the video poker games the certified payout percentage of that game, so always have a look through the game play rules attached to mobile video poker games to double check the pay table to see if that information is printed up on it.

The advantage you have with your iPad is that a lot of casinos started to develop Apps for this device when it was introduced. A good example is the 888 Casino that is not only the largest online casino, but also invested a lot of time and money to optimize their offering for the iPad. Click here to sign up with the best iPad casino for Video Poker!

How Can I Play Perfect Video Poker Playing Strategy

It is of course important that you follow perfect playing strategy when playing video poker and this is something that no novice or first time video poker player is going to be easily able to do, without of course a little help!

Whilst you will find plenty of websites offering you help and advice when playing video poker on an iPad or in fact on any type of mobile device, you really will not want to spend too long trying to pick up the basics and then giving these types of games some play time, as that will often take away a lot of the excitement of playing them.

However, as you do need to play every single hand perfectly then there is a quick way to being able to achieve this, and that is by simply finding a video poker game which is compatible with your iPad or whatever type of device you own, that has something known as an Auto Hold option.

By turning on this Auto Hold option the game is automatically and at all time going to play each hand you have been dealt out when laying video poker perfectly. It will hold the best cards for you and ensure that you never make any type of playing errors.

In case you are wondering, the Auto Hold option has been pre-programmed with the correct playing strategies for whatever variant of video poker it is attached to, and as such by always having it turned on you will be playing this casino game just as good, if not even better than a very experienced player!

What iPad Real Money video Poker Variants are Available?

Do not be under the illusion that when you choose to play video poker games on an iPad at a mobile casino site you are only going to have just one or two different variants to play, for you are going to find many of the better known mobile gaming platform suppliers and mobile casino game designers have a huge collection of these types of games on offer.

Take a look at the above video for you will see just how easy it is to play any video poker games, and in that video you will see the Deuces Wild video poker game in action, which is a unique playing variant as all of the two valued cards are wild, and will help you form winning combinations if those two cards fall alongside any other set of cards that make up a winning hand combination.

How clear are the Graphics on iPad Compatible Video Poker Games?

ipad video poker

As all iPads have much larger screens that other mobile phones and mobile devices and due to the designers of mobile gaming platforms having made their suites of mobile games graphically enhanced then you will find the graphics on all mobile video poker games are crisp and very clear.

You will not have to squint or keep on zooming into the games to be able to clearly see what you are doing, and the enhanced graphics makes playing these types of games or in fact any types of casino games enjoyable.

What are the Benefits of Playing for Real Money?

You should Analyse each Video Poker Game before you sit down to play any one of them. For as mentioned above the pay tables can not only vary on different video poker game variants but even those that share the same name may have different pay tables attached to them depending on where you choose to play them at.

So even though you may think for example the Jacks or Better video poker game you are playing is a standard paying one, by becoming a more educated player and always inspecting the pay tables on video poker games you will instantly be able to spot if one variant is in fact offering a poor paying pay table ad if it is then avoid playing it!

Below is an overview of the most commonly played video poker games available to anyone with an iPad as you can see there are quite a number of fairly standard as well and some more unusual variants readily available, but do make sure you only ever play those games with the best long term expected payout percentages!

  • Double Double Bonus Poker
  • Jokers and Deuces Video Poker
  • All American Video Poker
  • Aces and Faces Video Poker
  • Aces and Eights Video Poker
  • Jacks to Better Video Poker
  • Tens or Better Video Poker
  • Deuces Wild Video Poker