High Paying Real Money iPhone Video Poker Games

As soon as the Original Apple iPhone was launched it became an overnight success. However, as we are fast approaching ten years since that mobile device became available, the iPhone has become much more technologically advanced with a plethora of new features being added to each new model launched.

The online gambling environment has embraced the iPhone and you will find that many players who religiously played at online casinos have started to ditch their home computers and now exclusively use their iPhones as the way they now access their chosen casino sites.

It is the game of Video Poker that attracts the most players whether they are using an iPhone or any of the many other types of mobile devices and smart phones that are available and the reason for them choose to play this category of game over any other is that Video Poker variants boast the very highest payout percentages.

The advantage you have with your iPhone is that a lot of casinos started to develop Apps for this device when it was introduced. A good example is the 888 Casino that is not only the largest online casino, but also invested a lot of time and money to optimize their offering for the iPhone. Click here to sign up with the best iPad casino for Video Poker games!

How high are the Payout percentages on iPhone Video Poker Games?

You are going to find many different Video Poker Variants that can be played for real money on an iPhone, and it is the pay tables attached to each variant that is going to ultimately determine how high the payout percentages are on any game.

You will find the Jacks or Better Video Poker game is the one most commonly available variant offered at all mobile casino sites. The industry standard pay table is displayed above and that will return to players, who play the game optimally a payout percentage of 99.54%.

How Can I Play iPhone Video Poker Optimally?

The aim of any player is to know which cards to hold and which cards to discard once they have been dealt out their initial set of five playing cards. Many players will soon master the art of Playing Video Poker Strategically. However, many iPhone Video Poker games come with a handy feature known as the Auto Play option.

By turning on this option which is found in the game settings menu, as soon as the game deals out your first five initial cards the game software will hold the best cards for you based on the perfect strategy for the variant you are playing.

So when you are looking to play any type of variant on your iPhone for real money then always insist the mobile casino you are playing at has the Auto Hold option available, as it enables novice players in particular to play each hand optimally and never make any game playing error or mistakes when choosing which cards to hold and which ones to discard.

How easy is it to Play Video Poker on an iPhone?

You will find it is very easy to control the Video Poker games when using an iPhone, for you simply need to choose a coin value and then decide how many coins per hand to play and then simply tap on the deal button to send the game into play.

As soon as you have been dealt out your first set of five cards you can then tap on any cards you wish to hold and then click on the Draw button and those cards you have not held will be replaced by a new set of cards dealt out of the deck.

You will find that a large number of iPhone compatible Video Poker games will offer you a gamble type of feature when you have been dealt out a winning hand combination. This gamble option will give you the chance of doubling your initial winning hand combinations value.

The type of gamble game offered will vary depending on the gaming platform you are accessing. The most common type of gamble option will involve you guessing whether the next card to be revealed will be higher or lower than the one currently being displayed.


What iPhone Compatible Video Poker Games are Available?

You will find lots of different variants of Video Poker can be accessed and played on any model of iPhone, the most popular games are those listed below. But do be aware that each variant will have its own payout percentage based on the payouts listed alongside each hand combination displayed on the pay table.

  • Jacks or Better
  • Deuces Wild
  • All American
  • Aces and Faces

Many Video Poker games will have an enhanced payout for the best paying hand on the pay table, and this is will become activated and in play when you play the maximum number of coins on each hand.

Can I Play Progressive Video Poker Games on an iPhone?

As the vast majority of mobile Video Poker game variants will offer a maximum jackpot of 4000 coins, this may not be too appealing to you if you fancy playing low stake Video Poker game variants on your iPhone, for when playing for let’s say coin values of 0.01 you will only have the chance of winning a jackpot worth 40.00.

Obviously if you are playing for coin values of 1.00 or 5.00 then the jackpots are very large and as such you could win 4000.00 or 20,000.00 if you manage to be dealt out the highest valued winning hand combination.

So you may be wondering are there currently any progressive jackpot paying iPhone compatible Video Poker games available at any mobile casino sites. Sadly, we have yet to see any of the major gaming platform suppliers making these types of games available to players.

However, with many game suppliers now increasing the number of brand new games they design and launch we do not think it is going to be very long before you will find one or two progressive games being launched onto various gaming platforms.

With many online casinos offering such games, it should be noted that when they are launched onto the mobile gaming platforms you should always ensure you play the maximum number of coins per hand as by doing so that will activate the progressive jackpot paying hand combination listed on the pay table.